LIFE CARD III #20 Truths everyone should realize and accept in life.

  1. Nothing is permanent in life.
  2. You should only continue a job or business if you find a growth factor in it, otherwise leave it.
  3. Travelling will give you a chance to learn a lot new things, try to travel often.
  4. You have to deal with your own issues, it is no ones concern.
  5. Talk less, listen more, be logical and be specific if you want to grow.
  6. Your parents are the only persons who truly love you.
  7. Always work to your fullest because hard work hardly fails and if does you have nothing to regret about.
  8. Make it a habit to expect nothing from anyone because it will never disappoint.
  9. For various reasons, you might fail in areas you have interests, talent and or ambition.
  10. People will only like you if you align with them socially, politically, morally or religiously.
  11. Every girl loves a gentle, caring, entertaining and stable guy.
  12. People will forever judge you for your personal choices and most of them won’t like you for unclear reasons.
  13. Contrary to the wishes and expectations relationships and marriage can be a lonely, loveless, cruel trap and bitter experience.
  14. Life solves itself for people who can understand and incorporate it because it is layered in stages .
  15. Real happiness comes from within a person and nothing visible. however small a thing might sound if it makes you happy do it more often.
  16. Most people would rather take a path that is convenient than a path that’s economically viable.
  17. Seeing a doctor might wreck havoc on your body, sometimes you need to find other options like treating yourself and/or assuming you are healthy.
  18. Fear is the worst emotion that does damage that can be beyond repair but even worse it is kind of inevitable.
  19. Children aren’t born innocent, some have inherently malicious characters. (Scary right?)
  20. True love is something beyond money and body and it rarely exists simply because loving someone doesn’t mean they’ll love you back, you might have a lot of love and no one wants to receive it. Life hurts.
  21. Don’t believe everything you hear or read, think by yourself. ( These are my truths dont believe all of them)
  22. At the point you are about to create change you must feel a strong pressure.
  23. Friendship paradox( I have talked about it in my previous posts but it simply states that your friend is more likely to have more friends than you do).
  24. Optimistic people will always appreciate any idea or post they find helpful or refreshing.

While doing this list I have thought of other real things in life which I would like to share and let you figure them out.

(a). Do you actually know that we get stuck to people who take more from us than they give? Do you agree that they have valuable attention because they take it and never give therefore making us want to do it more cause we want to be consistent and be seen as such? Most of us live fulfilling expectations and consistency which is absurd. Try to be rational cause this is the only way to free yourself from manipulators.

(b) I know this sounds familiar but just a reminder why we should think deep and act it out. Do you know why we probably have the worst persons in the limelight? It is because they easily get a reason to do ‘it‘ and they act to their limited intellect unlike the smart ones who wouldn’t settle for less other than the perfect machine/tool ever available.Therefore those people that we see as best in certain things are actually not any better just that they are courageous in taking the right steps to do things.( Deep, right? I know, I know)

Enjoying #insomniacblueishlife? leave a mark to let me know you stopped by and/or you appreciate my war with the keyboard. Cheers!!

Miss Curiosity.

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