Ooh weather

Rainy days are therapeutical and a total bliss to me except for when it leaves hours of coldness long after its gone. From where I come from we dont have the summer and winter seasons as in the tropics but seems we are getting a taste of one of them.

We’ve been experiencing a very cold weather over the past few days and a lot of people are joking around it as our new “winter”. If you love laughing like me I know you have probably encountered those memes in most of the social apps. Just to make it more clear I love laughing at jokes and memes so much that I could probably laugh at an unexpected place if I happened to read one. My sense of humor is so high and I really love that about myself cause I’m mostly alone and that makes my time worthwhile.

Apparently weather affects my moods alot and so of late my mood is heightened a lot when it comes to happiness. I’m also sleepy all the time.

Talk of new normals now that the pandemic( Covid 19) led us into one mine currently is an interesting one. I stopped cooking I’m now a friend to all the food plugs and especially those that deliver to door steps thanks to technology that introduced us to food apps. On normal days I arrive home slightly before 7pm, carry out my normal evening routine which includes making coffee of course, jump on the couch or get in bed and turn on my headphones, plug them and netflix? No, I dont have enough time for movies and series I left that for weekends. I get to YouTube for comedy and social media specifically for memes- the reason I love Pinterest most (not an Ad).

I can assure you it’s totally normal and fun laughing alone and I really don’t wanna outgrow this habit. My life would be more than just boring I know. I’m loving the rainy days, cold nights and chilly mornings mmh! Being in sheets and dressed like a NASA agent who’s just about to go to the moon is getting me excited and has somehow reduced insomnia. I think I only need to deal with anxiety now and I can have a complete good night sleep.

My mom used to force us to go to bed and complain when we wake up early and I can only wish this could happen again but damn!! I no longer need alarms to wake me up infact if I set one I wake up before it goes off. Being in sheets is my ultimate goal of the day lately, I just belong to the sheets and this feeling is close to that of love(winks) because it completely curves my emotions.

I just belong to the sheets and I’m looking forward to tonight because its a date and I’m not about to even think of turning it down. Break ups aren’t healthy.

May our winter continue.


Miss Curiosity

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