I specifically want to point out these three types of humans. A’aght? “Judy did you just make faces”? I know, I know it’s totally unpleasant to have them around but they’re always there in our everyday lives.

So some human somewhere cannot accept facts, they deny and write off everything as nothing just to stay on their own track. They constantly mock,make fun of and look down upon peoples features and or talents. The insecure person

There is this one that had the universe lose direction and is now completely orbiting around them. The self-centered human creatures will think everything is wrong with everyone else and the world in general. For ‘consideration’s sake’ if that exists Would you stop and consider maybe you might be wrong in how you feel or think? No, the world will come to a stop or slip off the orbit (thinks the human).

Oh! Hello the masterminds of deception? You always get away with it right? right. I mean, this human is so ‘respectable’ as they present themselves, but the real thing is they are sly and cunning. The self presentation is usually a facade to make you confortable but they have a ‘plan’. The manipulative person does something nice for someone but uses it against them later on.

They just get in for them and them alone either by the ‘foot-in the door’ or ‘door-in the face’ technique. Either has to work.

NO ONE:Everyone has a toxic trait which sometimes becomes their personalities if overlooked.

#INSOMNIACBLUEISHLIFE: Is it? Where are you from? who raised you? Cut that crap out. There is zero excuses for toxic characters.

It’s a free, social world and having some sense of humanity is very crucial I promise.


If you need to hear something nice here it is; you are doing absolutely great hold on, you are just right about there.

Miss Curiosity

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