‘Positive Thinking’

Good day, I never live by the theory of ‘Positive Thinking’. To live with Positive Thinking, is to live with unreal and delusional expectations that everything in life can be measured to how one idealises, without deliberating that one is not in control of anything outside of oneself. It sets a person up for a very high and hard fall whenever this ‘Positive Thinking’ fails to achieve the desired result.

It also perpetually leads to repeated errors, irresponsibility, poor judgement and calamity because everything negative is merely ignored and shut away as though it doesn’t exist. By shutting the negative side to life off, people find themselves caught in the Negative far more than they are in the Positive.

By never acknowledging and embracing that there is always a Negative side to Positive, one cannot establish the route to Positive without first learning why something is Negative in the first place and why it gives meaning to what is Positive, and why it is more valuable for us to be orientated towards Positive, for to ignore it means that anyone can mistake something Negative for being Positive, and confuse them until they lose all grasp on what is right and what is wrong. Eventually they find out when they’ve run themselves in to a dark rut for which it is remarkably difficult to climb out, if it hasn’t already destroyed itself.

The way to live is to be in the middle of them both. Equalised. To sit in the neutral position, but with a focus to be Positive. In other words, being Neutral-Positive.
If you can see the Negatives and know they exist, then one can tally, think, deliberate and ruminate about their values and come to a logical conclusion as to what desired decision and best course to take to reach a goal with the least amount of Negative resistance, calamity or obstruction but also, be prepared for when it does happen because the Negatives have been evaluated and recognised.

Change your thoughts and you can change your world.” –Norman Vincent Peale

10 thoughts on “‘Positive Thinking’

  1. You are so right- only focusing on positives is super unhealthy. Negative emotions/situations exist and ignoring them won’t make them go away.

  2. you are absolutely right. When you think positive, you must not go overboard and disregard all issues that could go against you. Rather, you should recognize them, and find ways to address them. That is the true essence of positive thinking, not to be overly confident to the point of disregarding the problems, but to make sure to find solutions to those.
    thanks for dropping by, friend. i see so many interesting stuff in your blog. i shall drop by often too.
    stay safe!

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