Clean conscience

Congratulations for having a desire not to be unscrupulous. Let’s unearth our assumptions and take our time to think through decisions. This is a worthy goal.

Our conscience is a ‘moral muscle’. It is the standard we use to judge whether or not our actions are ethical. I specifically want to address the importance of having a clean conscience which is a feel free of guilt or responsibility to your actions.

The law of conscience states that every man in the State may follow the will of God and, from a conscious- ness of duty and free from every obstacle, obey His commands. Basically this law explains a personal sense of the moral content of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character with regard to a feeling of obligation to do right or be good.

 For about a week or two I have battled thoughts of the importance of having a clear conscience and what actually that means to me and my environment. You might consider getting to understand Conscience as pluralistic, neutral and subjective, Conscience as self-knowledge and self-assessment, Conscience as motivation to act morally and conscience as self-identifying moral commitments, and moral integrity which are all types of conscience and has been given different interpretations throughout history. It has been done so on the basis of morality, state of mind, religious or political purposes.

This makes the whole understanding of conscience lack uniformity and clarity. However, when conscience is demystified it brings out proper meaning because it tends to elicit reverence rather than questions or an interest.

When a person says that ‘At least now I can face him with a clear conscience’, it means that their appeal to conscience replaces reason giving and is made with the expectation that no further reason for one’s decisions and positions is requested.

In our daily interactions, we often find ourselves guilt tripped because we tend to be less cognitive of the process that elicits emotion and rational associations based on our own moral philosophy. Once you are self aware of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environments it is easy to let yourself feel free of guilt and also let go of things that you’re not in control as long as you are on a clean slate. It also gives us the power to predict outcome before we act on anything. This should feel like an inner drive to think comprehensively and choose our actions at all times to enable us achieve peace of mind which is the greatest gift of life.

Lastly, it is important to also understand that your conscience can be wrong, in which case you are still responsible, but it is still the foundation of morality.



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