I was on my socials today, passed by some post asking about things that should be extinct by now. I totally agree with a few of them and some that also bug me a lot .Why in 2022 should we still be dealing with such?

Convenience fees for paying bills online. Why am I paying a ‘print at home’ fee after having paid for the ticket itself? I’ll definitely go for cash transactions because why am I paying convenience fee for cashing a check. Most annoying part is where some outlets don’t accept cash payments. This is definitely for their convenience not mine. Sounds like illegal fee to me.

Junk mail. It’s a waste and I cannot comprehend the amount of resources used to transport all the waste. I understand that its common in countries like the US and Canada and it’s a source of employment to people but I find it more like doing a lot of unnecessary work to create work which does not add actual value to the society. Sending junk mail should honestly be a crime by now.

Region locked content. I honestly don’t even understand why this has to happen. Someone needs to educate me because if it’s about currency or not getting enough clients or such, something can always be done to compensate I guess. It sucks that I cant get access to what I want to watch just because of where I live in.

Fake pockets on girls pants. Honestly yes. I get excited when I’m buying pants especially slim fit pants and find out they have real pockets because I feel it’s a big injustice to have pants with fake or faux pockets because they don’t serve the purpose. However there is an interesting history about the women’s pockets that you might want to check out.

Stickers that are hard or impossible to remove. Can bookstores stop ruining books with big awful stickers they slap on pages. I have severally used utensils with those silly glue residue from stickers that don’t come off nicely first time after cleaning. My friend told me that the stickers on fruits are food grade I can eat them but hey! No way I’m actually going to swallow plastic or paper down my throat comfortably because someone had to tell me the country of origin for my apples.

Or we are eating them because we paid for the stickers? (laughs hard)

Pop up ads. Very few people are persuaded by ads in 2022. Nobody cares about what companies want except themselves. I know we are all making money for YouTube and other browsers through those cookies pop ups but, is it necessary to give me a double 15s unskippable ad while watching a two minute video?

Forty hour work weeks. We should be able to work for any amount of time in a day as long as you are able to. My productive brain power is averagely about 6 hours a day. I spend the rest of the day doing my own stuff or making mistakes. It would be easy and so efficient if we worked like 6 hours, 4 days a week to allow for rebooting and engage in other mind development activities.

The world. Wasn’t the world supposed to end in 2012 after collision with another planet? or we are actually living in the matrix. Don’t we all want another world or explore Mars? I mean, we have exhausted the earth and I’m ready for something new.


Miss curiosity.


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