November is the eleventh and penultimate month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars.

1st November- All Saints’ Day

World Kindness Day – November 13, 2022. U.S.

WDR – Held every third Sunday of November for road traffic victims. This year’s theme being JUSTICE; Remember. Support. Act.

November 24 is Thanksgiving Day (U.S.).

November 28 is also the First Sunday of Advent.

This month is represented by Chrysanthemum flower, Citrine and Topaz birthstone and the people born during this month to around mid December are Sagittarius and Scorpio according to the western zodiac signs.

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That’s just some little information I collected from the internet. Interestingly, November can be a fantastic time for a vacation in Kenya. I have been feeling in the mood for a vacation recently because everything around me is giving that energy. The weather is warm, it rains somedays and others it is completely sunny. The sun is moderate and the rains don’t last long either. Most trees and other plants are blossomed, recently planted crops are also already sprouting and the vegetation in parks and forests is thick. The tourist numbers are moderate, kids are still going to schools and the cost of vacationing is much less expensive than the summertime when hotels and airlines are charging peak rates.

How I want to talk about the Kenyan coastline in this month is perfectly said through vision but just to mention this is the month when the Mombasa Carnival gets underway on the coast. Celebrated every November, the Mombasa Carnival is a folk festival that honors Kenyan culture. It is held near the Indian Ocean in Mombasa and runs for several days. Artists, dancers, musicians, and people from different cultures and tribes flock the event to take part in the concerts that make up one of Kenya’s largest annual events.

There are plenty of activities you could also enjoy in the coast such as snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and sea kayaking. However, in this month beaches are covered with water and therefore not a good idea to try any of the activities.

Photo from the Internet

Outside the coast, the capital city is a great place to be at as there is plenty of both indoors and outdoor activities. The lakes, parks and other tourist attraction places in other counties are definitely a great choice to consider for a vacation too. (I’ll give a review of the most famous places and recommendations in another blog post).

It’s mid November but I’m already full and thankful for the month. Hope yours is an easy one too.

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