November is the eleventh and penultimate month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars.

1st November- All Saints’ Day

World Kindness Day – November 13, 2022. U.S.

WDR – Held every third Sunday of November for road traffic victims. This year’s theme being JUSTICE; Remember. Support. Act.

November 24 is Thanksgiving Day (U.S.).

November 28 is also the First Sunday of Advent.

This month is represented by Chrysanthemum flower, Citrine and Topaz birthstone and the people born during this month to around mid December are Sagittarius and Scorpio according to the western zodiac signs.

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That’s just some little information I collected from the internet. Interestingly, November can be a fantastic time for a vacation in Kenya. I have been feeling in the mood for a vacation recently because everything around me is giving that energy. The weather is warm, it rains somedays and others it is completely sunny. The sun is moderate and the rains don’t last long either. Most trees and other plants are blossomed, recently planted crops are also already sprouting and the vegetation in parks and forests is thick. The tourist numbers are moderate, kids are still going to schools and the cost of vacationing is much less expensive than the summertime when hotels and airlines are charging peak rates.

How I want to talk about the Kenyan coastline in this month is perfectly said through vision but just to mention this is the month when the Mombasa Carnival gets underway on the coast. Celebrated every November, the Mombasa Carnival is a folk festival that honors Kenyan culture. It is held near the Indian Ocean in Mombasa and runs for several days. Artists, dancers, musicians, and people from different cultures and tribes flock the event to take part in the concerts that make up one of Kenya’s largest annual events.

There are plenty of activities you could also enjoy in the coast such as snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and sea kayaking. However, in this month beaches are covered with water and therefore not a good idea to try any of the activities.

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Outside the coast, the capital city is a great place to be at as there is plenty of both indoors and outdoor activities. The lakes, parks and other tourist attraction places in other counties are definitely a great choice to consider for a vacation too. (I’ll give a review of the most famous places and recommendations in another blog post).

It’s mid November but I’m already full and thankful for the month. Hope yours is an easy one too.

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We become aware of the void as we fill it.” _Antonio Porchia

Feeling so empty inside? This feeling is worse than physical pain because at this moment you have lost your true self, you are neither sad or happy just empty.

However, depending on how you choose to carry yourself as you walk through the feeling, emptiness can turn out really great because it is a reservoir of endless opportunities. Believe me you don’t need to immerse yourself into activities that will take away the feeling because you actually need it so just walk through it, but this time be aware of the human shaped emptiness filling your brain and body.

An empty mind could be lucky if a good idea comes to enter inside unlike a full mind receiving a good idea. All I’m saying is, feeling empty sometimes is good especially after moments of suffering, big decisions or letting go of major parts of us because it enables us to tap into our truest depths and have new beginnings.

I hope you daintily walk through your emptiness.



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Egyptian starcluster

A couple of days ago I almost uprooted some two plants from my backyard because I had lost hope of reviving them after watering each for about a week and they still kept wilting. I concluded that they needed replacement.

I haven’t checked them in about three days and today morning my heart is full seeing how beautiful they have regained and even blossomed. This reminded me that we all deserve a second chance and a little more patience is always worth.

Madagascar periwinkle



I was on my socials today, passed by some post asking about things that should be extinct by now. I totally agree with a few of them and some that also bug me a lot .Why in 2022 should we still be dealing with such?

Convenience fees for paying bills online. Why am I paying a ‘print at home’ fee after having paid for the ticket itself? I’ll definitely go for cash transactions because why am I paying convenience fee for cashing a check. Most annoying part is where some outlets don’t accept cash payments. This is definitely for their convenience not mine. Sounds like illegal fee to me.

Junk mail. It’s a waste and I cannot comprehend the amount of resources used to transport all the waste. I understand that its common in countries like the US and Canada and it’s a source of employment to people but I find it more like doing a lot of unnecessary work to create work which does not add actual value to the society. Sending junk mail should honestly be a crime by now.

Region locked content. I honestly don’t even understand why this has to happen. Someone needs to educate me because if it’s about currency or not getting enough clients or such, something can always be done to compensate I guess. It sucks that I cant get access to what I want to watch just because of where I live in.

Fake pockets on girls pants. Honestly yes. I get excited when I’m buying pants especially slim fit pants and find out they have real pockets because I feel it’s a big injustice to have pants with fake or faux pockets because they don’t serve the purpose. However there is an interesting history about the women’s pockets that you might want to check out.

Stickers that are hard or impossible to remove. Can bookstores stop ruining books with big awful stickers they slap on pages. I have severally used utensils with those silly glue residue from stickers that don’t come off nicely first time after cleaning. My friend told me that the stickers on fruits are food grade I can eat them but hey! No way I’m actually going to swallow plastic or paper down my throat comfortably because someone had to tell me the country of origin for my apples.

Or we are eating them because we paid for the stickers? (laughs hard)

Pop up ads. Very few people are persuaded by ads in 2022. Nobody cares about what companies want except themselves. I know we are all making money for YouTube and other browsers through those cookies pop ups but, is it necessary to give me a double 15s unskippable ad while watching a two minute video?

Forty hour work weeks. We should be able to work for any amount of time in a day as long as you are able to. My productive brain power is averagely about 6 hours a day. I spend the rest of the day doing my own stuff or making mistakes. It would be easy and so efficient if we worked like 6 hours, 4 days a week to allow for rebooting and engage in other mind development activities.

The world. Wasn’t the world supposed to end in 2012 after collision with another planet? or we are actually living in the matrix. Don’t we all want another world or explore Mars? I mean, we have exhausted the earth and I’m ready for something new.


Miss curiosity.

Overrated/underrated statements

‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’.

Leonard Cohen.

Many people throw words and sentences without considering the effect it will have on the receiving end. I have a few of them that I get to hear over and over again and hopefully you choose your words and tone carefully next time you use any of them if you agree with me.

I’m sorry. Please don’t ever use this phrase when you’re not sincerely sorry, you don’t accept that you were on the wrong, you don’t intend to change the cause that necessitated your apology or say it twice over the same mistake. Please don’t because you’re not sorry and it causes more harm.

You always have a choice. No you don’t always have a choice. For instance you don’t get to choose whether to murder or let people who make your life miserable to live. You’re spoilt of choice in this case but the law says otherwise. Also we all have to agree that some things are beyond what we can comprehend and hence you don’t have a choice.

BF: Why did you breakup with me?

GF: You’re constantly hurting me and you left me no choice.


Winners don’t make excuses. So you’re told this by parents growing up, teachers in junior school, college, at work, in your own business and at the gym. The only thing they forgot to tell you is that if you don’t make excuses they’ll not have the opportunity to give you a reason to keep pushing you so you’ll automatically win.

Loyalty is a two way street. You cannot be loyal to someone who is disloyal to you. You cannot expect loyalty from someone who doesn’t know whether you’re loyal to them or not. Once loyalty is in question it’s not given in return. There is no other better to say this.

You don’t know about tomorrow. Well, you cannot take in shit just because you don’t know what will happen if you stop taking shit. Stop tolerating disrespect in your jobs, relationships or from anything for fear of tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday buddy and guess what? Tomorrow will still come regardless of your state so what exactly are you waiting for? Don’t let the fear of the unknown make you miserable. Face it.

For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Our mouths speak what the heart is full of. The power of thoughts and inclinations of the heart shape the reality of who you are. It doesn’t matter what you read or hear if your mind doesn’t change, you will simply impose your biases and labels on everything which will ultimately shape your actions. I cannot overemphasize this.

You are an average of your closest circle of people. Personally I think this phrase is used to encourage people to surround themselves with right and like minded people not necessarily because they all will contribute so much to who you become. Some of us never have constant people in our lives so maybe we are an average of every stranger we meet weekly or we are anomalous. Sometimes your closest circle sucks and you’re around them by circumstances not by choice. They will have close to zero influence on who you become.

Life is hard. There is nothing hard about life. Someone has already done what you’re doing now, so why don’t you just keep breathing and live up to your potential, be the best version of you and see life lead you. Life is only hard if you are working against time or competing with it and your mindset about the same.

Believe in yourself. It takes people who are well equipped (in different aspects like skills, finances, drive, mindset, knowledge, timing etc.) to understand these words otherwise they remain mare words to the rest. A lot of factors are put in place to turn those words into an action. Unfortunately most people think you need to just say them and get going. Where are you headed john?

I understand. No you don’t. Anything that involves feelings you can never understand. Unless you have been in the very same situation and all other factors are kept constant. Please tell someone you can relate and then proceed with your advice or the conversation. The only time we use these words is when you’re taking instructions, are knowledgeable about something or it’s facts.

You can become whatever you want. No dear, chances of you becoming the President of The United States of America is close to zero if not zero already. I’m not rude, just logical. Apart from hard work and luck, there are numerous factors that will lead you into or out of your passion.

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Perfect date

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When two people engage in various things for purposes of finding possibility of being intimate partners thereafter they normally describe the situation as dating. Which leaves me thinking what about those who do the same things without a purpose, is it still dating?

It starts with attraction in dating but on the other hand some people go on dates to eat, explore new places and activities, and sometimes to pass time when they have plenty of it.

It takes time for relationships to develop intimacy and form bonds before individuals decide to commit because dating basically lacks commitment, but sometimes, these human creatures instantly decide to “commit” because they can see a bright future in that relationship. I mean, it’s never dull having expensive treats, travelling opportunities, food from different cultures, precious gifts, a lot of sex and money. Don’t ask me what eyes they are using all I know is that a guy once told me he only had eyes for me on our first date.

Men and girls usually have this sweet ideas about their first dates and how they’d like subsequent dates done. I know you know what I mean right? My most classical one is movies and drinks because that doesn’t require me to dress up, pick a venue, select some activities that are supposed to be interesting or even leave the house. ‘How convenient! Come on miss’, what amuses you anymore in amusement parks, what coffee haven’t you had, what’s interesting in eating at a restaurant and staring at some decor that is not of your choice? Why is someone going to select some playlist at our game night that we both don’t know or even like?

My mentor told me drinks make you loosey-goosey and you won’t maintain the first impression you intend or ought to make. Movies will make you waste hours with a rando that you might actually end up hating because most likely they’ll keep talking especially whilst on the most heated parts of the movie. Some will be making strange eye contact because they’re trying to balance between watching and mastering your face.

My friend told me she went on a date last year just to see what the guy would pull on a first date not because she really wanted to know him. She complained about the soup, talked about her trashy exes, said she doesn’t like kids and kept showing him videos of the favourite moments she has documented over time . Yes, I was at their engagement party last Friday. He definitely had eyes for her alone if this eyes thing is a thing.

I grew up reading and hearing about the do’s and don’ts on first dates, cute ideas for dates, list of fun things to consider on dates, mistakes that can horribly spoil your date and those many well researched ideas you have in your head about a perfect date. I went for several dates in my early twenties having all these information actively at the back of my mind unsuccessfully until I met my perfect date who did not fit any of the many sentences I have typed.

I didn’t even have a first date. We were good weird friends who with time found meaningful and absolutely amazing reasons to give ourselves a chance to engage in a romantic relationship. One year down the line I lacked reasons as to why it couldn’t be a YES.

  • A perfect date shouldn’t be defined in any particular way in my opinion.
  • There is no formula or list that one must check to turn a date into a relationship.
  • First impression does not always matter. I mean, doctors have told you your patient is in bad condition and might not make it but they’re still around right? Maybe it matters in an interview because those guys are there to judge you not to know you.
  • The stages of dating don’t have to be as you know.

Is summary, all I’m saying is don’t ‘date‘ it’s not even a thing. Sit at home and wait for your partner to come ready to marry you. I’m tired of confusing you when you already working so hard to run away from the single life and the message is home.

All the best love seekers.

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It’s been a year since I last posted something here. I was on this roller-coaster called life, I was confused and at the verge of losing myself which called for a decision to pause writing and quit social media for a while. I’ve had my fair share and now I’m ready to accept, change or move on. I’m grateful to the universe for showing me all the pages although the flipping speed is too high, I have treasures I managed to pick and save for me.

Thank you to everyone who checked in on me the entire time. I’m back much better, more wise and determined. Can’t wait to read all your posts.


If you need to hear something nice, here it is; you are doing absolutely great hold on, you are just right about there.

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