We become aware of the void as we fill it.” _Antonio Porchia

Feeling so empty inside? This feeling is worse than physical pain because at this moment you have lost your true self, you are neither sad or happy just empty.

However, depending on how you choose to carry yourself as you walk through the feeling, emptiness can turn out really great because it is a reservoir of endless opportunities. Believe me you don’t need to immerse yourself into activities that will take away the feeling because you actually need it so just walk through it, but this time be aware of the human shaped emptiness filling your brain and body.

An empty mind could be lucky if a good idea comes to enter inside unlike a full mind receiving a good idea. All I’m saying is, feeling empty sometimes is good especially after moments of suffering, big decisions or letting go of major parts of us because it enables us to tap into our truest depths and have new beginnings.

I hope you daintily walk through your emptiness.



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