Overrated/underrated statements

‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’.

Leonard Cohen.

Many people throw words and sentences without considering the effect it will have on the receiving end. I have a few of them that I get to hear over and over again and hopefully you choose your words and tone carefully next time you use any of them if you agree with me.

I’m sorry. Please don’t ever use this phrase when you’re not sincerely sorry, you don’t accept that you were on the wrong, you don’t intend to change the cause that necessitated your apology or say it twice over the same mistake. Please don’t because you’re not sorry and it causes more harm.

You always have a choice. No you don’t always have a choice. For instance you don’t get to choose whether to murder or let people who make your life miserable to live. You’re spoilt of choice in this case but the law says otherwise. Also we all have to agree that some things are beyond what we can comprehend and hence you don’t have a choice.

BF: Why did you breakup with me?

GF: You’re constantly hurting me and you left me no choice.


Winners don’t make excuses. So you’re told this by parents growing up, teachers in junior school, college, at work, in your own business and at the gym. The only thing they forgot to tell you is that if you don’t make excuses they’ll not have the opportunity to give you a reason to keep pushing you so you’ll automatically win.

Loyalty is a two way street. You cannot be loyal to someone who is disloyal to you. You cannot expect loyalty from someone who doesn’t know whether you’re loyal to them or not. Once loyalty is in question it’s not given in return. There is no other better to say this.

You don’t know about tomorrow. Well, you cannot take in shit just because you don’t know what will happen if you stop taking shit. Stop tolerating disrespect in your jobs, relationships or from anything for fear of tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday buddy and guess what? Tomorrow will still come regardless of your state so what exactly are you waiting for? Don’t let the fear of the unknown make you miserable. Face it.

For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Our mouths speak what the heart is full of. The power of thoughts and inclinations of the heart shape the reality of who you are. It doesn’t matter what you read or hear if your mind doesn’t change, you will simply impose your biases and labels on everything which will ultimately shape your actions. I cannot overemphasize this.

You are an average of your closest circle of people. Personally I think this phrase is used to encourage people to surround themselves with right and like minded people not necessarily because they all will contribute so much to who you become. Some of us never have constant people in our lives so maybe we are an average of every stranger we meet weekly or we are anomalous. Sometimes your closest circle sucks and you’re around them by circumstances not by choice. They will have close to zero influence on who you become.

Life is hard. There is nothing hard about life. Someone has already done what you’re doing now, so why don’t you just keep breathing and live up to your potential, be the best version of you and see life lead you. Life is only hard if you are working against time or competing with it and your mindset about the same.

Believe in yourself. It takes people who are well equipped (in different aspects like skills, finances, drive, mindset, knowledge, timing etc.) to understand these words otherwise they remain mare words to the rest. A lot of factors are put in place to turn those words into an action. Unfortunately most people think you need to just say them and get going. Where are you headed john?

I understand. No you don’t. Anything that involves feelings you can never understand. Unless you have been in the very same situation and all other factors are kept constant. Please tell someone you can relate and then proceed with your advice or the conversation. The only time we use these words is when you’re taking instructions, are knowledgeable about something or it’s facts.

You can become whatever you want. No dear, chances of you becoming the President of The United States of America is close to zero if not zero already. I’m not rude, just logical. Apart from hard work and luck, there are numerous factors that will lead you into or out of your passion.

Thanks for stopping by.


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